Bachelor of Game Development (Game Design)
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Creative Arts (Game Design)


10+ years of industry experience including:

Leadership: Digital production, Project management,  Task tracking, Scrum, Agile development.

Design: Game Design, Level Design, User interface, User experience,  Web,  Mobile applications, Print and screen media, Branding, 2D/3D Animation, Logo and Graphic design.

Code: C#, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ActionScript 3.


Born in Melbourne into a military family, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the country between bases and playing video games.
Playing soon became creating when at 9 years old I created a Super Mario Brothers fan page in Microsoft FrontPage and my love for all things digital design was born. At 12 I created my first small game in Game Maker consisting of a ball traversing a series of mazes and avoiding monsters. Throughout high school I was mainly focused on creative outlets taking visual arts, drama, photography and software design.